Text Structure
Text Structures

1.  Cause and Effect

A cause explains why something happens.  It is the reason.  When you ask, "Why?" you are asking about the cause.

An effect shows what happened.  It is the result.

Some words signal cause and effect:

As a result           because               for that reason        lead to              since         so                  due to             

2.  Compare and Contrast

When you compare, you show how things are alike.  You identify similarities.

Alike                      as                            like                         in the same way               similar                   similarly

When you contrast, you show how things are different.  You identify differences.

Although             but         however              in contrast           on the other hand

3.  Sequence

Sequence shows the order of events or the steps in a process.  It shows when events happen or when to do things.

After     first        later       second                 finally    last         next       while