Anita "Michelle" Woelfel



5th Grade Math/Science/Social Studies

We are in the middle of our Life Science Unit so you should be hearing about Food Chains, Food Webs, Photosynthesis, Metamorphosis, Mealworms, and more!  
In Math we have just finished up Multiplying and Dividing Decimals, and continues to be an area of struggle for many students. Please work with your student at home on these areas as well as Place Value. We have made Place Value charts in our journals, they are supposed to be drawing them on all of their work, although I still do not see it happening, so if you, parents, can help reinforce this at home it would be great! Please ask them to draw you a Place Value Chart through the Thousandths place.
This week we will be Divisibility and Factors. This is confusing for many students so we will really focus on studying it in class and at home. 
We are still working on learning the multiplication facts, so please randomly quiz your student at home as it helps too!
In Social Studies, we are finished learning about the Indians. Ask your child about the project that they did. We have wrapped up the Voyagers.. Ask them about the project with the jobs.. Now we are moving on to the English Colonies.. We will see what comes with that. There may be another project that they will have to tell you about!
I will be updating the calendar frequently, so try to look at it a couple of times a week to see what is happening in our class.
Benchmarks are coming up! They will be October 19-21. I have added them to the calendar. Please encourage your child to study and prepare for the tests. They should be well rested and ready to do their best. I always tell them to try! That's all that they can do, but they will not do anything if they do not even try...
M-Th are HW days. No HW on Friday unless special circumstances. Each student can access his/her textbook online so if they forget their homework they can still get it, so there should be no reason no to have it the next day. Please let me know if you have any questions on that. All students have their logins/PW to get on the website. The link can be found under Useful Links-- Think Central. 

Our Early Act First Knight for this 6 weeks is the Friendship Virtue. So I am looking forward to seeing how many students in the class will exhibit that trait. I am sure that this will be the most difficult virtue to choose.
Everyone has jumped on my "In It To Win It" train, and those of the students who have not are being drug on board by everyone else! We are making daily progress. If you feel like your student is struggling in any way, please do not hesitate to call for a conference so that we can address it sooner rather than later. We are a team for your child and want him/her to succeed and feel great about themselves and their success! 

We will be implementing an economy project. The students jobs to earn money, performing good deeds, and losing money for class behavior issues, or not doing their assigned jobs, etc. They will have rent for their desks as well. It is a good life learning experience as they are learning a lot about money and responsibility, in addition to have some fun! I will send home a letter about it when we are getting ready to start the program that will give more details.

Feel free to contact me with any questions and I will get back with you as soon as possible. Thank you, and I will post updates as they occur!